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A cultural exchange with heart - Ukranian dancers find safe haven in Australia

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Meet Maria and Vlada,

Whilst this is not an official Umbela Brasil Program, SambaSooz our CEO has worked on this in her spare time (Auspiced by Umbela) and so its worth sharing this beautiful story. Both Maria and Vlada are world championship gymnasts and dancers who are seeking refuge due to the war in Ukraine. Thanks to the largest global collaboration of circus and dance folk they, along with thousands of others, are finding their way to a safe haven, and Umbela Brasil's CEO Sooz is taking them in here in Australia.

This is what has happened in the past 24hrs, it’s unbelievable and it’s all thanks to our incredible community!

•We have organised 6 month full time dance and acrobatics scholarships for Vlada and Maria thanks to Jo Cotterill from Lee Academy in Tuggerah, NSW, she’s also donating the girls training outfits

•Hunanitarian Clowns pledged $2500 towards one of the flight tickets A big thanks to Tim Timbadim Webster and your amazing team for this generosity!

Other community members and the Ukranian society have donated funds for food, clothing, bedding and more. I am honestly crying as I write this

Follow their journey here, and if you wish to support more please join our membership program, and by supporting us, you support them.


Much love Sooz

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