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Social Impact Report - Pablo Guerreiro Cultural Exchange

Thank you for your patience whilst we evaluate our work

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We set out to

Launch  new Artist Pablo Guerreiro onto the world stage, by mentoring his professional conduct and pedagogy during a tour of Australia.

Over 1000 people, 7 schools, 2 professional dance companies and 25 Samba Teachers participated in this incredible Pablo Guerreiro cultural exchange workshops, talks, classes and mentoring from August to October 2022.  

Our partial financial report is available on the ACNC website and once this years finances are in, we will complete the report and share it here. 

Cultural Exchange Offerings

The exchange was a not for profit endeavor, where the artist had full working rights in Australia and with funds returning to the Charity Umbela Brasil to help bring the next Cultural Exchange.


Academies across Australia collaboratively invested in the exchange to ensure a rich and engaging program of cross cultural learning. We focused on language, history, culture and immersion.

Pablo is a talented artist and he was able to lead a diverse skillset. 

Workshops in Samba Roots, Samba Malandro, Musicality, Composition and more.

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samba culture in all its aspects - diasporic, anthropological, social and physical.

Bate papo, movement, history community and creation in samba. Dive a little deeper.

Classes and Workshops in Danca de Salao, Gafiera, Zouk and more

Latino Dancers in Ballroom

Step by Step

Train with Pablo in Gafiera and danca de salao. Pablo's original training was in ballroom dancing and technique with Jaime Aroxa.

Individual and Group Coaching in Choreography, Composition and Coaching

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Connect Your Passion to Technique

This offering is a favourite around the world for bringing culture into art with respect, humility and cultural appreciation. Pablo can also help review a choreography you're working on.

Pablo's tour went to the following cities

And then on to Europe and USA. 


Saturday August 13th, 2pm - 4pm

Tropical Soul Studio 205 - 207  Parramatta Road Annandale

Brazilian Roots & Malandro Workshop

Hosted in partnership with Escola de Samba Sydney

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Sunday, August 14th 

2pm - 4pm

Belconnen Arts Centre

Brazilian Roots & Malandro Workshop

Hosted in partnership with Escola de Samba Canberra

Sunshine Coast

Samba Immersion

Saturday 20th 1-3pm

& Sunday 21st 10 -12 noon

Samba de Gafiera Immersion

Saturday 20th August

5pm -7pm

Party - Forro & Samba Saturday 20th August 7pm 

Hosted in partnership with Tropicalia Latin Dance

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pg tour Brisbane saturday.JPG


Friday August 26, Performance at Doudoule Festival


Saturday August 27, 

Samba Workshops with Pablo Guerreiro // 

10am – 11:30am // Samba Choreography Intensive

Accelerate your learning in this 90min choreography intensive with international artist Pablo Guerreiro. The intention of the workshop is to help you capture the feeling and musicality of the choreography direct from Pablo.

There is also the possibility to perform the choreography at end of year events. If you are enrolled in regular classes with Elanore at Rio Rhythmics (Wednesdays 7:40pm), you can then continue to polish, refine and absorb what you’ve learnt in the intensive.

12pm-1pm // Samba Ginga 

Move beyond just doing steps and develop your ‘ginga’ – the essential ‘swing’ in Brazilian dance. In this workshop, Pablo will explore ‘malandragem’ – the trickery, stealth and humour of the Malandro archetype that is so revered in Samba no Pé.

Not only will you learn the art of “balanced imbalance” in Samba, you’ll be able to apply it to other Brazilian styles such as Forro, Samba de Gafieira and Bolero

1:30pm – 2:30pm // Contra Tempo Sincopa do Samba (Musicality)

Contra Tempo Sincopa do Samba explores the many different possibilities using syncopation within Samba. Discover the fun of dancing individually, or with a partner and/or a group. 

Dancing the pauses, learn how to execute/perform the dynamics that are part of the samba, "CON-TRA TEMPO” (off beat). Understanding this technique will bring more awareness to your ability to improvise and understand new movements within Samba.

Recommended for Samba no pé and Samba de Gafieira dancers. 

Hosted in partnership with Rio Rhythmics

Evolução do Samba.jpg


Friday August 26, Performance at Doudoule Festival

Saturday August 27,  in house professional development with Rio Rhythmics Team. 

Sunday,  August 28th

Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy
163 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101, Australia

Warm up with mind-body connection | Corpo Terreiro 10am - 11am

Terreiro or (Ilê) is the place where the Orixás and Afro ancestral knowledge are worshiped. The body can also be viewed as a Terreiro, a place that has energies and knowledge within. This workshop brings together the experience of Afro-Brazilian dance and the ability to utilise the paths and possibilities that the body has.

Connection to the ground | Afro 11:15am - 12:15pm

Out of your exploration of Corpo Terreiro (body and mind), apply the grounded movement to Afro dance to reveal the roots of Samba.

Freedom of movement | Samba Show 12:30pm - 1:30pm

As a culmination of the first two workshops, feel how your body responds differently to Samba sequences suitable for shows and choreographies.

Hosted in partnership with Sambaki Gianne Abbot


Monday 29th - 7pm Samba no pe, find your style

Tuesday 30th - 6pm Talk about samba roots - 7pm- Afro Samba

Hosted in partnership with Sandance

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Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 September

A weekend of samba immersion

Casa Cultural. 

148 Crittenden Road FINDON, 5007 · 0401811722 

Hosted in partnership with La Bomba Casa Cultural


Saturday September 10, noon till 3pm
Samba and Circus Parade

Hosted in partnership with Central Coast Music Festival, Sydney Samba, Samba Trombada, Escola de Samba and Roundabout Circus

Cartaz Azul e Vermelho de Festival de Música (2).png
WhatsApp Image 2022-05-30 at 3.30.53 PM.jpeg


Saturday September 24th, 8 till late

Rio Projekt - incredible stage show straight from Rio de Janeiro to the stage

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