Professional Dancer

Your Australian Samba Community Association

Supporting teachers, professional performers, students and seekers in Samba, Capoeira and other Afro Brazilian art forms.

Our head office is in the Central Coast of NSW but we operate out of every state in Australia, thanks to our magnificent community.


Umbela Brazil Inc. is a charitable cultural organisation and not-for-profit whose purpose is to advance the culture of the Australian and Brazilian Community [Br-aussie-leiros] by:

•    providing instruction and participation in Samba and Afro Brazilian Dance and cultural immersion experiences
•    providing instruction and the opportunity to converse in the Portuguese language
• providing the observance of Carnaval and other Brazilian customs, festivals and ceremonies
•     operating, displaying and exhibiting items of historical significance to the Samba community in Australia
•     undertaking talks, discussions, film making and seminars on Samba and Afro Brazilian Culture in Australia.
•     funding the public performance of works of Samba and Afro Brazilian Culture
•     providing opportunities for Cultural Exchange for Australian and Brazilian choreographers to attend advanced training in Samba and Afro Brazilian Dance and to share that training
•     funding workshops so that Australian and Brazilian choreographers can share their knowledge of Samba and Afro Brazilian Dance with the community.