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What is the Umbela Membership?

Starting April 2022 the membership will include: 

  • Weekly online training such as musicality, language, dance, capoeira

  • Discounts on quarterly / annual events with your state directors

  • Updates and articles on the latest academic insights direct from Brazil

  • Mentoring and professional development for teachers

  • Collective access to insurance

 It will include events hosted by our Directors leading up to Pablo Gurreiro’s tour in August that also co-incides with the filming of a PHD documentary – about how Samba came to Australia.

Who is the membership for?

Membership to this pilot program is $35 per month. To find out what’s included and for a program of current events click here.

During this pilot stage we are opening membership to teachers, Directors of schools and students with keen and enquiring minds.

When does it start?

April 2022 for six months, we will then do a review and relaunch based on your feedback. We ask that you sign up for the whole 6 months so that we can sustain our new offering, we are not inhuman, if you genuinely need to cancel or want to give feedback just contact us.

What does the membership do?

We have collaboratively purchased artist time in Brazil, insurances and charitable fund raising status - so you don't have to. This program is not to replace your school's instruction but to supplement it with a program of support that helps with history, culture, language and academic support. That way you know you're practicing with appreciation not appropriation. We also provide opportunities to come together and celebrate and mark important events in our community

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