At Umbela Brasil we are pleased to offer a range of Afro-Brazilian and samba dance and drumming related services to suit your needs and budget. Our specialty is working with community and festivals. We are easy to work with, organised and professional, and we like a good laugh too.

Main offerings:

Dancing Classes and Workshops:
Dance and shake your bunda (booty), sweat, laugh, enjoy and learn. We offer a range of classes and workshops to suit most tastes, levels of fitness and adventurous-ness, as well as a regular weekly schedule with memberships. Classes are usually aimed at a more African, northern style of Brazilian dance, including rural and regional influences. Workshops can be from 1.5 hours to 2 hours at your location or ours. We include live drumming where we can. More information here.

Community Exchange: Brasil visits us and we visit the world.
On a regular basis Umbela Brasil invites high calibre artists to provide professional development opportunities to the Australian samba, dance and drumming community. We pride ourselves on having hosted many successful cultural exchanges and providing quality time both for training and bate papo (shooting the breeze, having a chat) with the greats of Brazilian arts. We also host private bookings so groups can learn new tips, tricks and show stopping moves and rhythms. In return, students have been put up in people’s houses in Brazil, Japan, UK and other Umbela director locations, welcomed as family, and invited to parade for carnivals worldwide. More information here.

Performances: We love to share what we do, invite us to your next event.
Our specialty is parading, community festivals and custom stage performances for cultural events. Our performances are theatrical, mesmerising, heartfelt and appeal to a more discerning market. We offer cultural spectacle that delights the eye and thrills the spirit, but doesn’t necessarily have lots of flesh and cliche (although sometimes that can be fun too). Our pricing is often very reasonable because we have a performance base of both para-professional and professional dancers – we train up new and skilled dancers to be industry ready. More information here.

Heart and Spirit:
Although not explicit, intrinsic to what we do is care for each other, cultural traditions and our communities. Like our motto, A jó lati ṣàn, each of us feel the flow when we dance or drum together. Most Brazilian dance is based on sacred dance, performed in community, and many of of our students tell us our classes are ‘freedom’, ‘peaceful’ and ‘liberating’. You will learn new places in your body, new ways of percussing, and new ways to connect with each other and yourself.

Other: We are happy consider to most things related to what we do…
Cultural bookings, charitable good works, shows, film and television bookings are all fine by us. The only thing we ask you to remember for charitable bookings is that artists are frequently asked to give their services for free – what seems to be more frequently than, say, a doctor or a lawyer is expected to do pro bono work – and we need to pay our bills too. If you can make a token offering, it certainly helps keep us keeping on.